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Kategorie: Biete Samenspende (5764)


Von: Gian1 
am... 02.09.2022
PLZ: 6
Ort: Vaals Limburg
Land: Niederlande
Alter: 37
Grösse: 193
Gewicht in Kg: 88
Körperform: normal
Haarfarbe: darkbrown
Haarvolumen: Keine Angaben
Augenfarbe: green
Spende überregional möglich: nach Absprache
Kostenerstattung erwünscht: nein
Kostenerstattung bis EUR (einmalig pro Spende):
Methode: Becher
Aktuelles Bild vorhanden: ja
HIV Test vorhanden: ja
Hepatitis Test vorhanden: ja
Blutspendeausweis vorhanden: nein
Spermiogramm vorhanden: nein
Schulabschluss: Abitur
Religion: rk
Lieblingsmusik: good music of different genres
Lieblingsessen: spicy ethnic food
Sportler: nein
Welche Art von Sport:
Raucher: nein
Augenerkrankungen: nein
Brillenträger: nein
Herzerkrankungen: nein
Sonstige Erkrankungen: nein
Welche Erkrankungen liegen vor:
Allergien: ja
Welche Allergie:
Späterer Kontakt erwünscht: Ja
Finanzielle Beteiligung/Unterhalt: Nein
Familienstand: ledig
Schwul: Keine Angaben
I live in Germany right a the dutch border near Vaals
I really want to become a donor (dont have the urge to become a mass donor though) and I m open for requests from single women and lesbian couples.
I got no financial (aside spliting costs if i have to travel to meet you) or sexual interests.
I m also open for another donation in case you later decide to have a second child / sibling for the first child.
My only request ist that the child is allowed to know that i m the donor and that its allowed to be in touch with me on a regular
the whole thing is a labor of love from my side and by no means a type of service offering.
therefore getting to know you is very important to me...just like you want to know the donor to know your child will be healthy I like to know /be sure that you provide an enviroment that is fit to raise a healthy and happy child.
I m of mixed latin decent, got curly/wavy dark brown hair and light eyes,
I m intelligent , empathic , pet-loving and liberal / open to the world
I m very creative and artisically gifted.

please feel free to contact me if these are attributes you d like your child to have.

warm regards,


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