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Von: DasLebenderAnderen 
am... 16.02.2014
PLZ: 60195
Ort: Frankfurt am M
Land: Deutschland
Alter: 29
Grösse: 200
Gewicht in Kg: 90
Körperform: sportlich
Haarfarbe: darkblond
Haarvolumen: voll
Augenfarbe: blau
Spende überregional möglich: Ja
Kostenerstattung erwünscht: nein
Kostenerstattung bis EUR (einmalig pro Spende): 0
Methode: nach Absprache
Aktuelles Bild vorhanden: ja
HIV Test vorhanden: ja
Hepatitis Test vorhanden: ja
Blutspendeausweis vorhanden: nein
Spermiogramm vorhanden: ja
Schulabschluss: Promotion
Beruf: Marketing
Religion: Keine Angaben
Lieblingsmusik: relaxing music
Lieblingsessen: italienisch
Sportler: ja
Welche Art von Sport: running, rowing
Raucher: nein
Nationalität: NL
Augenerkrankungen: nein
Brillenträger: nein
Herzerkrankungen: nein
Sonstige Erkrankungen: nein
Welche Erkrankungen liegen vor: -
Allergien: nein
Welche Allergie: -
Blutgruppe: 0
Rhesus-Faktor: Rh+
Späterer Kontakt erwünscht: auf Wunsch des Kindes
Finanzielle Beteiligung/Unterhalt: Nein
Familienstand: ledig
Schwul: Keine Angaben
ich heiße Simon bin 29
groß, (2 m) dunkelblond, schlank, athletisch, nett..
ich spreche deutsch und du kannst mir in deutsch schreiben, aber meine englisch ist besser.

So i ll continue in english i'll tell you a little more about myself.

I am tall, like sports, pets, single, heterosexual, have dark blond hair and blue eyes, some words that would describe me: travelling, cooking, music, sports, art, history, painting, guitar playing and i find family very important as well.

My motivation for being a donor is helping other people, if it works it is something that will last a lifetime and i like the idea that there is a boy or girl, having a good home and with people that i like. I'm open to contact but can only be a donor, if he or she would like to know something that is oké, but if not , that is also oké.

The reason why i'm a donor using this site is that i would like to know who the parents are & have a good feeling about the situation.

I have been a donor before so i know what to expect.
I would help a single woman, female/female couple or female/male couple. If you live with your family , its no problem to say hi.

More info:
Donate using a clinic or AI (becher) ( i will give you privacy dont worry, and i'm not looking for NI or sex & am also very carful)
Sign a donor agreement / contract with full info, ID copy & full adress.
Only a donor, but i would like to get a photo over e-mail, he /she is can know who i am when the time is right.
If you have a female partner, who would like to adopt the baby, i will help with this if needed.
I can send you more photos over e-mail.
Before we would try, we would call ( use skype ) or meet in person for a drink to see if it feels oke.

I have already done all the tests because i donated for one person i have met, these tests where done in a official clinic as a know donor for her only, ( not for the clinic ) (the tests are from the end of 2013, i have them on paper), all oké, tested for all Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) that are tested in a clinic, ( not just a normal HIV test, but full blood test) all was negative, ( this is good) also CMV negative, ( 50 % of the donors are CMV positive ) ( if you don't know about CMV, search google or ask me)

On paper i also have genetic tests, they include a test for 36 of the most common recessive genetic diseases. for example for Cystic fibrosis ( Mukoviszidose / zystische Fibrose in German ) 4% of all people is a carrier. if both parents are a carrier (without knowing) they have a 1:4 chance to get a baby with this disease. All the tests where oké, this means that i am also not a carrier of the most common genetic diseases & perfectly healthy, but this was already obvious.

The sperm test was also good, normal is 30-40 million per ml , i had 73 million per ml according to the doctor.

I passed the screening and according to the clinic less then 10% of all donors who would apply are accepted / would pass the tests & screening.

It would be no problem for me to donate anywhere in Germany or Austria. ( i would travel by train).

I have been a donor before, for a single woman ( she is a doctor ) and also for a very kind and friendly lesbian couple. I can show you some beautiful baby pictures in person, but would not send them, because that could not be oké for the parents i think.

If you are interested, please send me an e-mail, i would be interested to know a little more about you, who you are, what you do, things you like and how old you are, you can write me in German, no problem :) For me it is important that we both have a good impression, & good feeling about the situation. Donating to a random person like in a clinic would not feel oké for me, it should be something special.

I speak English, Dutch, German and i am trying to improve my French and Spanish.

Looking forward to your reply,

Kind Regards Simon

( is also my real name in my passport, some donors use fake names online, ( also fake surnames online i heared) , i'm open about being a donor, i can not imagine why it would be a shame to help someone start a family & if the child would like to meet later on he or she would be welcome to meet me & also my family knows that i have been a donor and thinks it is a good thing )

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